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Did you know that maintenance functions in small and medium-sized enterprises are very often marginalized? Unfortunately, as a consequence, machines and devices are more prone to failure, which generates great loss. It is worth realizing the great impact of maintenance in shaping the effective financial policy of enterprises. Quality requirements are increasing all the time, and this area is still evolving. Enterprises should therefore take care of machines, and maintenance activities should not take the form of ad hoc interventions. To ensure the proper functioning of machines, it is necessary to fully control their technical condition. This will increase the reliability and improve the efficiency of their operation. Maintenance efficiency will be low if established activities are not carried out in the enterprise. Improper production planning and looking for time reserves effectively displace the implementation of maintenance tasks. It is worth mentioning that quite frequently the desire to perform the service on time is at the expense of resignation from the implementation of inspections and maintenance, which leads to unforeseen failures, degradation of the condition of the machine park and loss of the possibility of fulfilling orders in other periods. In our opinion, the effectiveness of maintenance activities depends not only on their organization and proper strategy, but also on the aspects of organizational culture and employee involvement. That is why we offer professional service, parts replacement, assembly and disassembly of machines.

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Our JMTech service always meets the needs of all companies, both medium and small. We offer comprehensive maintenance services in the field of automation, electrics, mechanics, pneumatics and technical works. The aim is to ensure the proper functioning of machines and technical infrastructure in production plants. We encourage you to use our services. We are waiting for you.